Com Truise- Galactic Melt

    Surprise, surprise, Seth Haley is still good at making electronic. Under this moniker, things aren’t quite as ambient as his previous work as Sarin Sunday, and its clearly distinguishable from SYSTM, but if anything, Galactic Melt is an improvement on Haley’s earlier work. Though its a more beat oriented record than Sarin Sunday fans might expect, Haley’s ability to craft immersive, dreamy synth textures is still in full force. He’s crossed the bridge from ambient to synthwave, with nostalgic echoes of dance and funk.

    Its Memory Cassette’s dreaminess, combined with Boards of Canada’s talent for composition and the punchy yet ethereal synth work of chillwave acts like Washed Out. But its decidedly not chillwave. Not only is it instrumental (Thus lacking the lyrical themes that have somehow come to define the genre), but its tone escapes so many of the pitfalls of chillwave. If you like these acts, chances are, you’ll find something you like in Galactic Melt.

Listen to: Glawio, Brokendate and Hyperlips.


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